John Jay Dickey Diary - Microfilm Reel #4 - Transcription

pages 2557 - 3526 (969 diary pages)
time period: August 6, 1898 to July 5, 1904

    John Jay Dickey (1842-1934) was a Methodist preacher/teacher. His diary is a wonderful reflection of the day to day life of the people in southeastern Kentucky (Laurel, Clay, Perry, and several SE Kentucky counties) during this period. He was well educated, devoutly religious, and determined to establish schools and churches wherever he went, and he seemed to be very good at it despite all odds! 

    Reel #4  - During this period of the diary he is in Manchester, Clay County; Campton, Wolfe County and Washington, Mason County, Kentucky and surrounding areas. There are some family histories in this volume but not as many as in Reel 3; however, the names and people are just as numerous, see the link for the index below.

    Not all names mentioned in the book result from an interview or a discussion of the person's family history. Rather they are mentioned in the day-to-day activities of Rev. Dickey, much the same as if you had kept a diary of your life and recorded what your did and who you met. Thankfully for those of us interested in the people, as well as the history of the period, Rev. Dickey was active, traveled within the area a great deal, and wrote about most of the people he met! While there are people mentioned that it would be difficult, if not impossible, to identify; there are many whose identity can be traced....some easier than others.

    This transcription of the diary is 274 'stuffed-single spaced' pages, very heavily indexed with the hundreds of names mentioned. This book is not annotated as Reel #3 was due to time constraints on my part. I typed the transcription in the 'genealogy style' of showing 'all caps' for surnames. If you would like to view the index for the names mentioned in the book, please click here: IndexToTranscription  The book has comb binding for easy reading and stays open nicely when doing research.

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